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Beverage Industry

Unveiling the Behind-the-Scenes Growth of the Beverage Business in Thailand with Loyalty Programs

This case study was authorized by the customer of Birth Note to disclose some information. The customer is a large beverage company that established a subsidiary to produce a type of beverage that has a large market size and strong competitors. In the beginning, the company spent a lot of budget on marketing, but the results were not as expected. The company therefore wanted to do a loyalty program to stimulate sales.

Home Appliance Industry

Unlocking value for the Electronics Business with (Non) Secrets, Just Scan the QR Code

Paperless warranty by scanning QR codes of Birth Note can help companies save production costs, marketing costs, and manage inventory efficiently. It also allows employees to work on more beneficial tasks for the company. In addition, it can help companies see new perspectives and opportunities, leading to the first-to-market production of new products. This is achieved through the analysis of large amounts of data with Birth Note’s Interactive Intelligence Report system.

Cosmetics Industry

The Strategy of the Cosmetics Industry in Using QR Codes to Prevent Counterfeit Products and Collect Customer Big Data for Marketing Benefits

A cosmetics company that produces facial cosmetics often faced the problem of counterfeit products. This was due to the labels and packaging, which were easy to counterfeit. When the Birth Note team learned of these problems from Ms. A, they developed a QR code anti-counterfeiting system and a customer data collection system that could solve all of the company’s problems. They also added some features to make the system more convenient for both the company and its customers.

Agricultural Industry

Agricultural products and the use of Big Data to monitor distributors

A company that produces agricultural products approached Birth Note because they were interested in data from the start, but they had not found anyone who could help them collect data in the way they wanted. So, they discussed what the company wanted to know, such as:

  • Checking distributors who sell products across provinces
  • Checking distributors who sell products below the recommended price
  • Wanting farmers to know that the products are genuine from the company because there are many counterfeit products
  • Wanting to distribute products to areas where farmers have a high demand
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