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Pain points that brand owners commonly face

High cost

The cost of printing paper warranty cards, including postage, is high. The cost of printing user manuals is also high.

Customers do not provide information

Customers often do not fill out warranty cards. It's inconvenient for customers to write on paper and the mailbox is far away.

Unable to read customer's handwriting

The company's team is unable to read the handwriting of many customers who have filled out warranty cards and sent them back to the company.

Customers do not know how to use it

Many customers contacted the store where they bought the product to ask for instructions, even though the box contained detailed instructions.

Customers do not know the warranty period

Customers do not know the expiration date of the warranty. When there is a problem with the product, the customer must return the product to the store where they bought it and have the store help coordinate the repair or replacement process instead of the customer contacting the company directly, which is inconvenient for the customer.

Birth Note's solution provides the company with many benefits, as follows:

1. Save costs on printing warranty cards, postage, manuals, and manual data entry.

By being able to save:

In total, the cost savings are 252,000 baht per month or 3,024,000 baht per year.

2. Increase the number of warranty cards submitted

Because the method is easier and more convenient, by changing from writing and sending by mail to scanning a QR code instead, the company received warranty card information from customers 32 times more!

3. The company receives sale out information immediately

By not having to wait for the store to send the sales report at the end of the month, the company’s inventory management is more efficient and can reduce the size of the inventory by up to 8.7%.

4. To build confidence in customers

When a product has a problem, customers can contact the company directly and receive direct advice from the company. The company can also collect data directly from customers to improve quality in the future, such as common problems with air fryers or service issues.

5. The company can reduce marketing costs

Because the company was able to send promotions to its existing customer base, it generated sales of more than 3 million baht per month without having to pay a commission, as customers purchased directly from the company.

6. Analyzing survey data using our Interactive Intelligence Report

This led to the discovery of a demand for products that were not yet available on the market. For example, currently there are rice cookers that are sized for families. The report found that there is a group of customers who want smaller rice cookers for families, such as students who live in dormitories alone or with friends. The company then produced a smaller rice cooker for 1-2 people. This became a new product that met the demand. The sales of this new size product reached the Top 10 best-selling products in the company within 4 months.

7. "The data from the survey gives the company information and ideas to improve media

By improving the video clips, images, wording, landing page, target group, and time of running ads used in online advertising, the conversion rate increased from less than 1% to 2.7%.

The benefits mentioned above clearly demonstrate that the Paperless Warranty, facilitated by scanning the QR code of Birth Note, helps the company save on production costs, marketing expenses, and enables efficient stock management. It also allows employees to work in areas beneficial to the company. Furthermore, it provides a new perspective, identifies opportunities, and leads to the development of new products in the market as pioneers. This is achieved through the analysis of extensive data using Birth Note’s Interactive Intelligence Report system.

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