16 October 2022


NMT Office


13.00 - 17.00 PM

Birth Note team held a training session on the use of the QR Code system for tracking goods in cartons for the NMT team on Monday, 16 October 2023. NMT is a subsidiary of Minor International Public Company Limited. The QR Code for tracking goods in cartons is an open QR Code. Employees can use a QR scanner or a smartphone to scan the QR code to read the information about the goods in the carton, such as the product type, SKU, and quantity. This system is suitable for inventory management, order management, and distributor management.

What we present to our customers?

Birth Note presents the intelligent QR Code system, BonusPAD, designed to protect brands from counterfeit products. BonusPAD serves as a trademark for QR stickers, preventing counterfeiting that can be affixed to product labels, such as cosmetics, dietary supplements, herbal products, and agricultural goods. Each set of QR stickers has a unique identifier and cannot be duplicated. Upon scanning, a notification will alert users if a duplicate scan is attempted. Other features include a point accumulation system, a reward draw system, market research surveys, and distributor tracking.

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