QR Code stickers for tracking product information in a carton

In the fast-paced world of today, businesses need to track and ensure the safety of their products during transportation and handling. QR code stickers are a good solution to this problem. By attaching QR code stickers to product packaging, businesses can easily and efficiently track their products.

In this article, we will provide some tips on how to use QR code stickers for tracking products in boxes. This information can be used as a starting point for businesses to implement QR code tracking in their operations.

How do QR code stickers work?

QR code stickers work by encoding information, such as product information, inventory details, and tracking data, into a two-dimensional code with a square shape. We can scan QR codes using a smartphone or a QR code scanner. Once the QR code is scanned, the data is retrieved and displayed on the phone or computer screen.

Benefits of using QR code stickers to track products

1. Improve inventory management

We can use QR code stickers to track products throughout the supply chain, from production to delivery. This helps businesses to better visualize inventory, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking.

2. Enhance supply chain efficiency

QR Code stickers help businesses track their products in real-time, improving efficiency in the supply chain. With precise product location information, businesses can reduce time and expenses in transporting products from one place to another.

3. Increase customer satisfaction

We can use QR Code stickers to provide customers with real-time tracking information about their products. This enhances customer satisfaction by offering information on the exact location of the products, creating more transparency.

4. Track and monitor products more effectively

QR Code stickers are useful for checking the condition of products during transportation. Businesses can utilize sensors and other tracking technologies to monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors that may affect the quality of the products.

Types of QR Code stickers

1. Static QR code stickers

Static QR code stickers have fixed information that cannot be changed once the code is created. They are best for products that do not need to be updated frequently, such as product information, contact details, or promotional offers.

2. Dynamic QR code stickers

Dynamic QR code stickers contain information that can be updated and changed at any time. They are best for products that need to be updated frequently, such as inventory details, shipping and delivery information, or product tracking details.

Both types of QR code stickers can be designed to match the brand and packaging of the product. This can help to improve brand recognition and create a unique identity for the product.

Best practices for using QR code stickers for product tracking

To get the most out of QR code stickers for product tracking, it is important to follow these best practices:

1. Proper placement of QR code stickers

QR code stickers should be placed in a visible and accessible location on the product packaging. Avoid placing them in areas where they are likely to be damaged during transportation or handling.

2. Keeping QR code stickers clean and undamaged

QR code stickers should be kept clean and free from damage. Any damage to the QR code can affect its ability to be scanned and decoded.

3. Using QR code stickers that are resistant to environmental factors

Choose QR code stickers that are resistant to environmental factors, such as humidity, temperature, and sunlight. This will ensure that the QR code can still be scanned even in unfavorable conditions.

The future of QR code stickers for product tracking

QR code stickers are likely to become even more popular in the future as businesses continue to seek efficient ways to track their products. Technological advancements, such as blockchain and IoT, will help to enhance the capabilities of QR code stickers for product tracking, making them more transparent and accurate.


QR Code stickers are an effective way to track products during transportation and manage inventory. By following best practices and using QR Code stickers correctly, businesses can improve inventory management, enhance supply chain efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and monitor their products more efficiently

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