Loyalty Program with Receipt Scanning

Makes it easy for brands to collect consumer data.!

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Easy to collect consumer data

The process of capturing receipts in one form of technology is known as point accumulation technology. Buyers can use their smartphones to take pictures of receipts and upload them to gain certain benefits, such as redeeming rewards or receiving discounts on future purchases. The information from the receipt is analyzed and recorded in a digital format before being stored in the buyer’s profile.

The current challenge is that

brands do not have consumer data

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to omnichannel shopping, and brands need to provide a seamless experience for their customers. Distribution channels are a critical part of the supply chain, as they can bring your products to the right retailers (or other business customers) at the right time.

However, brands do not have direct relationships with their customers and must rely on distribution channels for accurate sales reporting. With expansion and growth, it becomes difficult to track sales across channels. Brands cannot collect real-world consumer data. As a result, a vast amount of customer data is overlooked!

Loyalty program solution with
Receipt Scanning

Birth Note’s loyalty program with receipt scanning allows brands to give points to customers for offline purchases or purchases made through third-party sales channels such as supermarkets, retailers, etc., where the brand does not own the sales channel.

Accumulating points for rewards can motivate customers to register after uploading receipts, allowing brands to create direct communication channels with real customers.

Data that can be collected from

Receipt Scanning

Leverage collected data

for marketing purposes.

Analyze the market with
Big Data Analytics

Organize and analyze data in detail in order to use the data for various purposes in the future, by leveraging data from the “Big Data" collected from the Birth Note system.

Examples of marketing strategies from Big Data analysis

Consumer Data Collection

We connect your business with consumers

Collect consumer data and use it to develop products

CRM helps you business

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps you build long-term customer loyalty. Our CRM system is a tool that helps you collect customer data, analyze needs and learn buying behavior, accurately predict demand, so that you can offer specific products and adjust marketing strategies and promotions accurately and timely.

Collect customer data

Collect data such as name, email, address, gender, age, date of birth, purchase history, etc.

Assess satisfaction

To have customers complete a survey to increase or improve satisfaction

Organize campaign

To organize a point-based activity to create customer engagement

Manage relationship

To create a good experience and present products appropriately

Other Solutions for Helping Your Business

Tools that make your business work easier, more convenient, and more accurate in data analysis

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