Unleash the Power of Big Data

Change from aimless marketing...to creative marketing using “Intelligent data”

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Anti-counterfeiting QR Code

Help prevent counterfeiting with modern technology through QR Code, Serial no. and RFID that cannot be duplicated

Loyalty Program / Lucky Draw

Helps brand owners create customer retention campaigns easily through digital solutions. Customers do not need to store any product parts.

Customer data collection / Intelligence report

Helps collect data and analyze customer insights for easy viewing in many dimensions, to bring ideas for further development in marketing

Paperless Warranty / Maintenance Tracking

Paperless warranty with saving on printing costs/postage costs, claim management, maintenance report

Manage your business with modern technology

Enhance competitive potential and digital marketing with solutions from Birth Note

Change from "Data Blindness"

To intelligent marketing using data

with Birth Note's Solutions

Because "data" is important to business

Moving forward with the Information Age to transform opportunities and possibilities in business.

Generate more sales and profits by planning strategies to obtain accurate data. Also, use that information to determine effective organizational direction

Solving business problems with QR Code

Who is your customer? Where are they?

Since you don't have customer information, our QR Code will helps you collect customer information such as name, email, address, gender, age, date of birth, purchase history, etc.

You don't know the real problem of the product.

For example, it is difficult to buy or there are not enough distribution channels. Our QR Code helps you collect information, in order to improve products and services

Create promotions but the sales has not increased

Our QR Code helps you collect information, knowing which promotions that customers want the most, such as buy 1 get 1 free, discounts, free gifts

The sales of existing products decrease and the new products don't suite customer needs

Our QR Code helps you collect information about customers' preferences, tastes, and current needs.

Our Solutions

Tools that help your business collect customer data, organize marketing activities, and analyze customer insights

Analyze the market with
Big Data Analytics

Organize and analyze data in detail, in order to use the information gained in various fields further by relying on information from "Big Data" collected from our system.

Analyze customer insights

Help analyze customer insights, including Pain Points that occur to customers for product owners to use to develop products at the right point

Analyze and plan for marketing strategies

Help analyze and plan marketing strategies both Offline / Online to increase sales and reduce advertising costs

Easily analyze customer insights with

Interactive Intelligence Report

Interactive Intelligence Report or IIR is an intelligent reporting system that businesses can use to analyze customer insights, such as where they buy, why they buy, what are the differences in purchasing decision factors between gender, age, and address. Company can also analyze customer and product insights in every desired dimension. This makes it possible to develop products in the right direction.

Our trusted customers

Birth Note is trusted by many leading businesses, in many types of business

Consumer Data Collection

We connect your business with consumers

Collecting consumer data and use it in product development.

CRM helps your business

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps you create a long-term relationship. Our CRM system is a tool to help you collect customer information, analyze customer needs and learn their purchasing behavior. This allows you to offer specific products, adjust marketing strategies and offer promotions to the right customers at the right time.

Store customer info.

Collect information such as name, email, address, gender, age, purchase history, etc.

Evaluate satisfaction

Let customers complete questionnaires to increase satisfaction.

Organize marketing activities

Organize lucky draw/loyalty program, to create interaction with customers.

Relationship management

Create a good experience and offer the right products to the right customers

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