This feature allows customers inspect the product they have bought and confirm that it is a genuine product from the brand owner, by attaching a QR sticker that cannot be fake or duplicate. To protect the brand owner's reputation and the loss of revenue.

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QR Code that prevents counterfeit products

Our QR Code has a unique design of a special code set and uses an untraceable algorithm whereby one code can only be scanned once. When scanning next time, the system will immediately notify customers that it is a duplicate scan. This is an importance difference between “genuine product” and “fake product”.

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Preventing the loss of revenue for product owners

Birth Note helps solve the pain point of counterfeiting by creating a QR code to verify the authenticity of products, as well as a counterfeit-proof QR code that helps to remove counterfeit products from your business cycle.

The main problems that brand owners are facing

High Security QR Code

Birth Note’s QR Code system has a unique set of codes that are designed and used to create 1-to-1 QR Codes. Each code can be scanned once, and a second scan will alert the user that the code has been scanned before. This creates a difference between genuine and counterfeit products.

Creating a difference between genuine and counterfeit products

Brand owners can inform customers that only products with Birth Note QR Code stickers are genuine. When customers scan the sticker, they can also confirm with a message from the system that it is “genuine” for sure.

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