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Unveiling the Behind-the-Scenes Growth of the Beverage Business in Thailand with Loyalty Programs

This case study was authorized by the customer of Birth Note to disclose some information. The customer is a large beverage company that established a subsidiary to produce a type of beverage that has a large market size and strong competitors. In the beginning, the company spent a lot of budget on marketing, but the results were not as expected. The company therefore wanted to do a loyalty program to stimulate sales.

After receiving the assignment, Birth Note proposed the following solution to the company:

Print a Line Official Account QR code on a beverage bottle.

When a customer opens a beverage bottle, there will be a serial number under the cap.

Enter the serial number in the company's Line Official account to earn points.

Customers fill out basic information and answer a short survey, taking no more than 1 minute (only once).

Customers can check their points and redeem rewards through this Line Official Account.

The results of using the Loyalty Program through the Line Official Account

1. There is a points collection and redemption system.

The company has developed a loyalty program that can store the points of hundreds of thousands of customers. Customers can easily earn points and redeem rewards without having to remember a username, password, or OTP. They simply need to use Line as their login.

2. Understand customer behavior

Birth Note system can track when customers drink. Since it is a special type of drink, there are only a few times each day that customers drink. The drinking time is also related to the customer’s character. Therefore, the media that will be shot at each time can be customized, which has increased the number of drinks by 3%.

3. To know who to hire as a presenter

In the past, the company selected a presenter from an agency based on the profiles provided, despite the relatively high cost and a mismatch with the target audience. However, using the Birth Note system revealed that it would be more suitable to choose a presenter who aligns better with the target audience and comes at a lower cost. With the remaining budget, it is also possible to engage with a certain number of micro-influencers who directly target the intended audience.

4. To save marketing costs

In the past, the company chose media from the Media List that the agency provided, which was very expensive but not targeted to the target audience. When data analysis data was obtained, it was found that there are some types of sports that the sponsorship cost is not high and very much in line with the target audience of the product. The company therefore became the main sponsor of that sport, which received very good feedback through a questionnaire through the Birth Note system.

5. To know the location of customers

Birth Note system can accurately identify the location of customers with an error of about 3 meters. This allows the company to know the true location of customers. Therefore, they can know the distribution of products in each area. Therefore, they can do Promotion and Media according to the objectives of the advertising campaign. For example, to create awareness, to attract new customers, or to stimulate old customers. With this solution, the company can create a new customer base and a large amount of sales.

6. To understand the pain points of customers

After receiving the results of the survey, we learned about some of the pain points of our customers. As a result, we released a new beverage formula that addressed all of these pain points. This new formula was able to generate sales of up to 15% of total sales within 6 months.

7. Sales increased

After obtaining data through the Birth Note system, and then improving in all aspects, including Media, Product, and Marketing, sales increased by 16%, which is more than 5 times higher than the average industry sales for the same type of beverage.

Building long-term relationships with customers is an essential aspect of business, and the approach to achieving this depends on the strategy employed. One effective tool for cultivating lasting relationships is the implementation of a Loyalty Program. This program assists in fostering enduring connections with your customers. If you are interested in consulting with our team, please feel free to contact us at 099-564-5947096-142-9547, or via email at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to get in touch with you promptly.

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