Marketing Survey

Marketing Survey

Understand your develop products that meet their needs, with QR code for marketing survey and customer data collection.

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Easily collect customer data using QR Code

Break the rules of traditional questionnaires by simply scan the QR Code and fill in the information, and you will know what the customer answered immediately. In addition, the same customer will not take the same questionnaire again when scanning for another time, which means the company will receive multidimensional data from various questionnaire.

The important thing is that the company will get guidelines for product improvement and have data to produce new products that meet customer needs.

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Increase Customer Data collection for business

Embrace the "Information Age" to transform business opportunities and possibilities.

Create a questionnaire to collect customer feedback by scanning a QR Code. The company will receive data from customers who actually purchased the product and their feedback on the product. This data will be compiled into a report, which can be used to analyze marketing data and save a lot of money on marketing research.


Advantages of Marketing Survey using QR Code

Easy, convenient, and fast

Just scan the QR Code on the product through customer's smartphone, fill out the survey, and press submit. The fewer steps make customers more willing to cooperate.

Save time and money

Traditional data collection takes a long time and is expensive. This is because you have to go to the field to collect data or hire an outsource company to conduct market research.

Increase the opportunity to develop new products

You can create multiple sets of surveys and set criteria for seeing the survey for each scan. This ensures that you get the information you need to develop new products that meet your customers' needs.

High accuracy of data from the real customers

The data is from real product users, including the customer's name, phone number, email, gender, age, scan location, scan time, income, and the answers to the questions asked by the product owner.

Real Customer Data

Real Data from your customers

Customize your survey

Brand owners can design questions and answers in a variety of ways, such as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, star ratings, or 1-10 scores. In addition, brand owners can design multiple sets of questionnaire for repeat customers and to explore customer behavior in depth.

Intelligence Report

In addition to the data collected from the survey, our system also stores the scan location, scan time, device used to scan, under the Privacy Policy. All of this data will be compiled into a report, making it easy to present to executives and use for marketing analysis.

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