QR Code for dealer tracking helps solve cross-border selling / price undercutting problems.

In today’s highly competitive market, distributors and retailers are facing challenges from cross-border selling, price undercutting, and excessive discounting. These practices can have a negative impact on your sales strategy and damage your brand reputation. But don’t worry, Birth Note has a smart technology solution that can help you regain control: QR Code stickers for tracking dealers / agents.

How to use QR Codes to track dealers/agents?

QR codes are square-shaped barcodes that are commonly found today, from packaging to billboards. When scanned with a smartphone camera, QR codes can encode a variety of information. In tracking dealers/agents, QR codes have become an effective tool for:

  • Unique Identification: Each QR Code sticker can be generated uniquely, assigning each QR Code to a specific product. Each product will then have the information of a specific distributor, which will allow you to track exactly who sold that product.
  • Data Collection: QR Code stickers can be linked to a database entry containing distributor information, sales area, and product details.
  • QR Scan Tracking: You can track the number of times customers scan the QR Code, where the customers scan the QR Code from, when they scan the QR Code, and who the customers are. Brand owners will then be able to access valuable insights into product buyers, distributor activities and sales, and customer engagement in promotional campaigns.

Benefits of QR Code for dealer tracking

  • Preventing Cross-Border Selling: By identifying the location where each product is sold, you can track distributors who are selling outside of their designated area. You can do this by going to BirtNote’s back-end system and looking at the QR Code scans from customers to see which distributor they bought the product from and whether they are in that area. This will help you to track unauthorized sales and protect your regional pricing strategy.
  • Preventing Excessive Discounting or Price Undercutting: You can conduct mystery shopping on products sold through distributors in different regions. Each time the QR Code is scanned, you will know which distributor sold the product, allowing you to quickly resolve this issue.
  • Better Sales Insights: QR Code tracking provides valuable information about the performance of each distributor, sales trends for each distributor, and demographics of customers buying through each distributor. This will help you to better forecast sales and create targeted marketing campaigns.

What do you think of these fantastic features that can smoothly solve your business problems? Try using QR codes to track dealers/agents, we guarantee your satisfaction.

If you’re interested in BirthNote’s QR codes to skyrocket your business profits, feel free to call us for a chat or more information. It’s not as expensive as you might think, and we assure you it’s worth every penny.

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