Dealer Tracking

A tool for companies with distributors who are experiencing problems with distributors selling across territories or selling at discounted prices. Companies can randomly check at any time if they suspect that a distributor is not complying with regulations, simply by scanning a QR code.

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Dealer Tracking using QR Code

Solving problems of distributors selling across territories and selling at discounted prices.

A feature for checking which product is sold by which distributor by specifying the distributor’s name and sales area in our system. Then, attach a QR code sticker on the product or packaging. When the customer scans the QR code, the company will immediately know which distributor the customer purchased the product from and whether it was scanned in the sales area. This information makes it easy for companies to check cross-border product sales without the need for supervisors or responsible persons to go to the field themselves.


QR Code tracking system prevents price undercutting

Many businesses that need distributors to sell products may encounter problems with distributors selling across territories or selling at discounted prices. Our QR Code tracking system can help prevent these problems. This is because it can be checked and tracked by scanning the QR Code attaching on a product or packaging. There is no need to go to the field or visit the area in person. In order to achieve effective sales, it is considered a system that has a great impact on the business.

Manage inventory and distribute to distributors more conveniently

Our dealer tracking system helps companies manage inventory and distribute to distributors more conveniently. This is because the distributor tracking feature has two sets of QR codes: open QR codes (which anyone can scan) and closed QR codes (which require the ink covering the QR code to be scratched off before it can be scanned). The open QR codes are attached to shipping boxes, allowing companies to check which distributor the box is for. When the QR code is scanned, the inventory of the product is automatically updated.


QR Code for tracking productons

QR codes for tracking product items in cartons are a type of open QR code that can be scanned by employees using a QR scanner or a mobile phone. This allows them to read information about the product items in the carton, such as the type of products, the SKU of the products, and the quantity of the products, etc. Additionally, each carton has a unique QR code as well.

Manage agent/dealer data and track up to 2 levels

Our agent tracking system gives brand owners easy access to a backend system where they can manage distributor (agent/dealer) data. This includes data for both main distributors and sub-distributors.


Manage the orders of each distributor

Factories or warehouses can prepare QR code data for each item before sending it to agents or distributors. This is done by scanning the QR code attached to each item and linking it to the QR code attached to the box. The system will automatically count the items, so it can be checked immediately if there are any missing items.

Speed up the process of checking goods in boxes

Simply scan the QR Code on the box to see what’s inside and how many items there are. No need to open the box to check the contents.

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