Paperless Warranty

New-era product warranty…No need for paper, just scan the QR code attached to the product

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New-style product warranty…No need for paper

Adding convenience and speed for customers by registering product warranty by themselves through scanning a QR Code. Companies can notify warranty terms, warranty expiration date, and usage information in text and video formats. It can also facilitate customers to contact the company with a product claim feature.

Reduce printing costs by more than 50%

The QR Code innovation can significantly reduce resource use and simplify work

Simply by scanning, customers can self-register without the need to fill out traditional paper warranty documents. This eliminates the necessity of using paper documents to record information, reducing data entry on computers that may lead to human errors. Additionally, it helps cut costs associated with printing user manuals, as information can be input into the system, and customers can view it through Line OA.

Reduce postage expenses

With online warranty registration, customers can simply scan the QR code on the product or packaging to register themselves in just 3 steps: scan, register the warranty, and fill out a questionnaire. The company will receive the customer’s registration information immediately.


Customer can quickly check warranty status

Our QR code warranty system is designed to be managed on the cloud, making it available 24/7. Customers can also check the status of their products to see if they are still under warranty at any time.


Make it convenient for customers, by connecting the system to the company's Line OA

Warranty information does not disappear when the phone is replaced

Customers can easily register for product warranties by adding the company or brand as a friend on Line Official Account (OA). Once registered, customers can access various menus, such as product information, warranty duration, user manuals, product claims notification, and loyalty points accumulation.

Data Organization

Store data in an organized manner

Claim Management

Support customer's claim notifications

Customers who have purchased a product and registered their warranty are able to easily report maintenance issues through the company’s Line OA account. The company will then be notified immediately to perform the maintenance or repair.

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