Lucky Draw Campaign

Create a lucky draw campaign by having customers scan a QR code, enter the serial number on the product, or scan a receipt

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Lucky Draw Campaign

Create marketing campaigns that allow customers to enter lucky draw campaigns without having to write on paper and send them to the post office. Lucky draw campaigns also help customers recognize your brand and create a good image for your brand. Additionally, as the product owner, you can easily and quickly check the information of the participants in the lucky draw.

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Increase sales for brand owners

Retain existing customers who use your products and invite new customers with rewards as an incentive, which can increase sales. In addition, customer data is accurate, which allows the marketing department to analyze this data to further develop marketing.


Create a new experience for customers

Create new experiences for participants, adding joy and convenience. No need to waste time cutting out pieces, writing names, addresses, and phone numbers on product pieces for lucky draws.

Easy, convenient, and fast

Simply scan the QR Code on your smartphone to register for the lucky draw immediately.

Save time and money

Customers can participate anytime 24/7 without any cost (postage stamp, etc.).


Connect our system to the brand's Line OA

Easy and convenient for customers to participate in the activity

We can connect the lucky draw system to the brand's Line OA. Customers can add friends and participate the campaign through the Line OA channel.

Store customer data and communication channels

Registration data and lucky draw rights will not be lost when changing the phone. The product owner can also store customer data in Line OA to broadcast advertising and public relations.


Real Time data check for lucky draw participants

Our QR Code system has a way to store the data of each lucky draw participant who participate in the campaigns in real time. Brand owners can view the results of customer-involved activities at any time with graphs in the back-end system. This data can be used to plan or improve activities for the better.

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