Customer Data Management

Collect customer data in an orderly manner. Analyze consumer behavior in real time.

A tool that will help you collect customer data from each scan in real time. It can collect location information at the time the customer scans the QR Code. There are also other information that customers fill in, such as name, email, address (Bangkok, other provinces, or abroad), gender, age, date of birth, ethnicity, purchase history, and more.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards
Data Analytics

Take the "Data" and analyze it

Use customer data to analyze purchasing behavior. It helps in accurately predicting customer needs, in order to present specific products, adjust marketing strategies and presenting promotions correctly and in a timely manner.

In the era where customers have various needs, with complex and constantly changing, also varies from person to person, we must have a deep understanding in order to respond to their needs.

Customer Loyalty

Change from "casual customers" to be "regular customers"

In order for customers to have a lasting impression and commitment to the company and its products, the company’s various services must be able to respond to customer needs so that “casual customers” do not think about changing their mind to use other products again. And eventually became a “regular customer”.

Therefore, in order to have a good relationship, customer information must be collected. Then analyze behavior and study consumer experience to find the points that need to be fixed and expanded in a better way.

QR Scanning

See an overview of your customer's scans.

View an overview of QR Code scanning from the back-end system.

You can see that over a period of time - how many customers have scanned from a certain type of product? How many % of the number of products that have our stickers have been scanned?

You can also see location information at the time the customer scanned in. Where are you from? What province? What is your gender and age? And how many people are scanned each day?

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