Maintenance Tracking

Facilitate the storage of data and tracking of the performance of maintenance technicians and engineers.

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Maintenance & Repairs Tracking

Tracking maintenance tasks by having employees scan QR codes attached to equipment parts. This allows employees to inspect the equipment, fill in maintenance and repair details, set the next inspection round, and view the maintenance history. Additionally, a link to a maintenance manual file can be added as a knowledge base.


Easy to store data and follow up

It allows employees to easily track the maintenance of various devices by scanning the QR Code attached to the device. It can also help plan the next maintenance round, analyze employee performance, track operations, costs, and maintenance history with a design that focuses on ease of use.


Easy, no need to download any programs or applications

Birth Note system supports all devices with the Line application. This is because the system is connected to Line OA, making it easy to access from anywhere with an internet connection. Supervisors can track the maintenance work of technicians with accurate GPS tracking.

Knowledge Management

Able to insert maintenance manuals or troubleshooting methods

Able to create and collect maintenance procedures and troubleshooting methods in both text and video format. This is a tool to help employees/technicians who have not encountered certain problems before.

Organize data in a systematic way

Supervisors can track the work of technicians in real time from the back-end system. They can check the location, date and time of work, as well as the details of the maintenance. They can also see customer or repairer satisfaction ratings and an overview of the team.

Staffs can view the results report and use the data from the report to analyze further, such as stock control, cost control in allocating spare parts, forecasting about the purchase of new equipment, etc.

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