Staff Activity Tracking

Monitor and evaluate the performance of employees, allowing them to record team work behaviors, which are stored automatically in a database system. Supervisors can then review and track the results of job performance.

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Off-site work tracking system

This off-site work tracking system is a software system that manages off-site work of the staffs through the company’s Line OA. It tracks and monitors employee work, and employees can record the work behavior of their team. The data is stored in an automatic database, and supervisors can check and track work results through a website. This is not limited to use anywhere.

It is a collaborative work between the worker and the supervisor. It can be used to process and summarize the designed activities into statistical reports. The data obtained, such as the date, time, and location of the workplace, photo information, etc., are automatically stored in the system and cannot be tampered with. Therefore, the data is highly accurate.

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Real time
check-in report

Employees can check in when they arrive at the work location. The system will send the current location coordinates and the date and time of off-site work to the supervisor in real time.

Supervisors can view reports of the check-in times for each employee, as well as the real-time results and progress of the work. They can also view the timeline for each activity to be used to calculate compensation based on performance and actual working time.

No need to download an application by having

Line OA Integration

Employees can add the company’s Line OA as a friend and register. Then, they can access the system without having to download any additional apps or log in.

Supervisors can request to add, edit, or delete employee accounts, or assign work locations through a request to Birth Note to make changes to the system.

Staff Registration

Able to attach image files to the work report

Employees can add image files of their daily work results to report their progress to their supervisors or managers.

Supervisors can then view an overview of the work of each individual employee outside the office and evaluate their performance.

Paperless work system

All work processes do not require paper. There is no need to write reports, which can save the cost of using paper for record keeping.

Supervisors do not need to store documents about the work of each employee, which can be troublesome.

Paperless Activity

Employees can check their check-in history

Employees can view the latest check-in list, and they can also view their own work history, including the date, time, and location, within the past 24 hours.

In addition, employees can easily attach photos of their work, which supervisors can immediately review in the backend system.

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