5 Benefits of Customer Data Collection

The importance of customer data collection is crucial in managing customer relationships, especially in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM is a method to make customers feel impressed and establish long-lasting connections with the company and its products.

In addition, if a company’s services can meet the needs of its customers, it can prevent “casual customers” from switching to other products. This can lead to those customers becoming “regular customers”. Therefore, to build a good relationship with customers, it is important to collect in-depth data and information about customer behavior, and then analyze it to improve the relationship.

So, you’ve seen some of the benefits of CRM. Now, let’s take a look at 5 benefits of collecting customer data. Maybe you’ll be interested in applying them to your business. Let’s go…

Birth Note’s system helps you collect customer data such as name, email address, address, gender, age, date of birth, nationality, and purchase history. This data can be checked in real time in the backend system.

In addition, Birth Note’s system also helps you collect data on the preferences, tastes, and current needs of your real customers. This data is essential for analysis to create marketing and sales strategies that target the right audience. This will help you understand your customers and their behavior better. This is in line with the saying of Sun Tzu, “Know your enemy and know yourself, and you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.”

Understanding your customers is the foundation for developing products that meet their needs.

Existing customers are more likely to tell others about your products or services. Plus, the cost of retaining existing customers is 5-25 times lower than acquiring new ones. This is why loyalty programs are so popular among businesses.

Loyalty programs are designed to incentivize customers to become loyal to your brand and build CRM (Customer Relationship Management) through activities such as point-based rewards, member benefits, and so on.

Existing customers are very important customers because they are loyal to the brand.

What brands can get from loyalty programs?

The benefits of loyalty programs for businesses:

  • Convert casual customers into loyal customers. Loyal customers are more likely to return, which can lead to increased sales and profits.
  • Get feedback from customers. This feedback can be used to improve products and services to better meet customer needs.
  • Create personalized promotions. By understanding customer needs, businesses can create promotions that are more likely to be effective.
  • Increase sales. Loyal customers are more likely to make repeat purchases, which can help businesses grow.
  • Save marketing costs. Marketing to existing customers is typically more cost-effective than marketing to new customers.
  • Generate word-of-mouth. Loyal customers are more likely to recommend products and services to others, which can help businesses reach new customers.

It is very important to organize point-collecting campaigns to redeem prizes, lucky draws, or sales promotions during the period when the product is popular or when there is an increase in competition. This will help to create a larger base of new customers.

When customers are satisfied with their first service, they will come back again and again, until they are attracted to become your regular customers. Encourage customers to reveal their “hidden needs” to you through surveys. In return, customers will receive various benefits, such as accumulated points, cash coupons, premium items, etc.

4. Build long-term relationships

Most customers choose to buy products that they feel good about. Sometimes, the relationship with a brand is even more important than a discount (if you like it, you’ll pay no matter how expensive it is). Therefore, you should pay attention to customer feedback. You may choose to conduct surveys to inquire about satisfaction, create a membership system to offer exclusive promotions to regular customers of the brand, such as birthday promotions or point-collecting activities to redeem prizes.

5. Increase sales

Data from customers will help you understand your customers. For example, you produce a soap with excellent ingredients, manufactured by a factory that meets global standards, and you spend a lot of money on advertising, but your sales are still not good. What you need to do is “find out what customers want.” Once you analyze the data, you will see where the problem is. For example, the product is too expensive, the packaging is not appealing to the youth market, or customers don’t like the smell of the product. Then, you just need to solve the problem and prepare for a surge in sales.

Birth Note system can be applied to customer relationship management seamlessly. It can boost sales by encouraging customers to purchase more products through various activities, such as point collection for discounts in the next purchase, or point collection through a mobile application by scanning a QR code to earn points.

Birth Note, a leading customer data storage system for marketing purposes, has developed a new type of QR code sticker contest that brands can put on their products or packaging. This creates an exciting and memorable experience for customers by allowing them to scan the QR code, enter their personal information to win a prize, and then wait for the draw from the brand.

Birth Note services are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small to large. We can customize our plans to fit your budget. Our fees are not as expensive as you might think, and we guarantee that they are worth every penny.

If you are interested in the QR Code system for counterfeit protection and many other features from Birth Note, you can inquire for more information by calling us at 099-564-5947, 096-142-9547 or email [email protected] for us to get in touch with you.

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