Let’s get to know Data Visualization for smart data analysis

Currently, data has become a topic of great interest for many people because we are in the digital age where data is readily available and can be acquired at a reasonable cost. Moreover, the concept of Big Data discussing the vast and complex data in our world poses challenges in terms of gaining an overview, understanding, and analyzing data through conventional programs.

However, if we know how to effectively manage complex and challenging data, accurately process that data, it will immediately become invaluable in the digital world. Therefore, transforming raw data, which may be sub-data or data from various sources, into reports in the form of graphs, charts, or even videos that explain quantities and numbers, helps you gain in-depth insights from that data. This process is known as Data Visualization.

Data visualization is the process of transforming raw data into a visual format, such as charts, graphs, or maps. This can make it easier to understand and interpret data, and can help you to identify patterns and trends that would be difficult to see otherwise.

By using data visualization, you can gain insights from your data that you might not have been able to see otherwise. For example, you could use data visualization to identify trends in customer behavior, which could help you to develop new marketing strategies.

Today, most online businesses use data visualization to create content that is easy to understand and share. They use programs and applications to analyze data and then present it in a variety of formats, such as infographics, dashboards, and charts.

Data from customer QR scans is stored in Birth Note’s back-end system, called Interactive Intelligence Report (IIR). This system can be used to view scan results in real time. In addition, brands can view reports that provide an overview of various types of data, such as gender, age, time of scan, scan location, estimated customer income, channel through which customers are familiar with the brand, and more. These reports are displayed in a variety of graphs and charts, and can be interactively customized to show data comparisons. This makes it easy to analyze data and make decisions about marketing strategies, as well as future market trends.

Examples of Dashboards of Interactive Intelligence Report (IIR)

How do you like these amazing features that can solve your business problems? Try Birth Note’s QR Code. We guarantee that you will be impressed with our intelligent reporting system, which can effectively display reports of people who scan the QR Code.

We can help you collect customer data and surveys by placing QR code stickers on your products. When customers scan the QR code, they can verify the authenticity of the product and enter their information to win prizes or accumulate points as set by the brand. The brand will then be able to analyze this customer data for further marketing purposes.

Birth Note is a leader in customer data management systems for marketing purposes. We have developed a new type of QR code sticker that brands can place on their products or packaging. This creates an exciting and memorable experience for customers by allowing them to scan the QR code to verify authenticity, enter personal information to win prizes, accumulate points, or product warranty.

Birth Note’s services are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small to large. We can customize our pricing to meet your budget. Our services are not as expensive as you might think, and we guarantee that they are worth every penny.

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