Tracking technician tasks easily with maintenance tracking system

Birth Note’s maintenance tracking system is a system used to track the repair and maintenance of equipment, which may be factory machinery or equipment used in various industries, as well as equipment or property in the workplace, office buildings, condominiums, apartments, or hotels. It can be operated with a single mobile device.

Birth Note’s maintenance tracking system is designed to collect a database of all maintenance work in an organization. When used in industrial factories, it can help to control production costs and improve the overall efficiency of factory machinery. Or, if used in hotels, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, condominiums, and sports centers, it can track and record the results of repairing equipment or machinery that needs to be maintained. It can also facilitate work planning and allow supervisors to track and approve work in real time.

Our system can track the work of technicians or engineers in real time.

QR Code Identification of Machinery or Equipment

Birth Note has applied the innovation of QR Code identification to identify machinery, machine parts, or other equipment. This allows companies or organizations to track equipment repairs more effectively, as each part may have a different maintenance period. It can also help to organize unstructured data into a central system that can be accessed through a website from anywhere, anytime.

QR Code Identification of Machinery or Equipment Parts

Easy to use, just connect the system to the company’s Line OA

Birth Note’s Maintenance Tracking System can be connected to the Line OA of the organization or company, making it easy to use without having to download additional applications. Maintenance technicians can register once and can use it without having to register repeatedly. No additional login required. When a maintenance technician resigns, the system access can be deactivated from the back-end system.

Our system can be integrated to the company’s Line OA

Key features of a maintenance tracking system

1. Supports repair notifications

Customers can report equipment repairs when equipment is damaged through Line OA on their mobile phones. Then, a notification will be sent via email to the company or organization. The supervisor can assign work, check work, and adjust the status of the operation through the back-end system.

2. Record maintenance results online via mobile

Maintenance technicians can record maintenance results through a form in the system to send to the supervisor for approval and adjust the operational status.

3. Able to put the steps and methods of maintenance of each piece of equipment in a QR code

Companies or organizations can put the steps and methods of maintenance of each piece of equipment in the form of a URL link or video link. This will be beneficial in case the work is passed on to other maintenance technicians or engineers. This is creating a knowledge base for each piece of equipment.

4. Real-time status tracking

Supervisors can check the operational status through the back-end system in real time.

5. Planning for the next maintenance

Maintenance technicians can plan for the next maintenance so that there are notifications.

How good is Birth Note’s maintenance tracking system?

  • Reduces documentation workload, allowing employees to focus more on maintenance work.
  • Works through the system, technicians can record data in the system immediately.
  • Stores machinery and equipment data in the system, easy to find and use.
  • Helps plan preventive maintenance in advance, making work more efficient.
  • Can easily view the information of the machine or equipment by scanning the QR code or entering the serial number attached to the machine or equipment.
  • Operational data will be updated in real time and stored in the system, which can be used for further analysis.
  • The system is flexible with many businesses, not only meeting the needs of the production department of industrial factories, but also applicable to other service businesses such as hotels, office buildings, condominiums, stadiums, and other service businesses.

How are you doing with the amazing features that can solve problems for your business to run smoothly? It can also collect marketing data, boost your business’s profits. Try Birth Note’s Maintenance Tracking System. We guarantee you will be impressed.

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