The QR Code warranty system makes it easier to record warranty data and repair work

In today’s technologically advanced era, digital marketing can effectively meet the needs of many businesses, making it easier for brands to reach consumers. However, there are still manual processes in place, such as filling out paper warranty registration forms and mailing them to the manufacturer of products that require warranty. These products include household appliances, factory machinery, medical devices, furniture, and office supplies, etc.

When customers buy a product, they may neglect to register the warranty because it is inconvenient to fill out the registration information and mail it in. Sometimes, they don’t know where they put the registration form and receipt. When the product malfunctions and they want to repair or claim it, they cannot find the documents. They don’t know how to contact the company. When they do contact the company, they cannot claim the warranty because they cannot find the product warranty and receipt.

As for the user manual, users may throw it away because there are many manuals available for download on the internet or can be viewed through YouTube.

Many companies understand the difficulty of storing and collecting this information, so they have designed a more convenient way for customers to register their warranties. This is the online warranty registration format.

Birth Note’s QR Code warranty system can greatly increase consumer confidence in both product warranty and the prevention of counterfeit or imitation products. Simply by having customers scan the QR Code on the product and register their warranty, it can already build confidence.

This type of warranty does not require a paper warranty card. This is beneficial in preventing cases where the warranty card is lost, the customer does not fill out the information and return it, or the company does not receive it. The brand owner will receive the information that the customer has entered, which can be viewed from the back-end system. This makes it easy to find warranty information. It is also convenient, economical, reduces steps, increases confidence and a good experience for customers, and improves the service of the brand.

Our QR Code warranty system makes it easy for customers to check their warranty information and status.

The system is designed to be managed on Cloud Computing, which allows it to be available 24 hours a day. Customers can also check the status of their product at any time, from anywhere.

Building customer confidence by verifying that the products are genuine and sourced directly from the brand owner or manufacturer.

Product warranties can instill confidence in customers through a QR Code system. encourage customers to check if the product has a QR Code that can be scanned and registered with a mobile phone. This will quickly determine whether the product is authentic or counterfeit. If there is no QR Code, or if there is a QR Code but nothing appears when it is scanned, then it is likely that the product is counterfeit.

Analyzing the areas and stores where products are sold.

When products are sold throughout the country through various distribution channels or convenience stores, it can be easily checked which areas sell the products well and which retailers sell the most products. This information can be used to distribute products in the future, as well as to provide special rewards to sales representatives who have the highest sales. This can help to motivate them to continue selling products.

QR Code warranty system that can also help boost sales.

Brand owners can organize a prize registration campaign by promoting to customers through Line, Facebook, websites, or other online channels that when purchasing authentic products from the brand owner or a distributor, they can scan the QR Code on the product, fill out personal information, and press send to join the prize draw. This will help boost sales by encouraging people to repurchase products.

Reducing costs for documents and services.

Since online warranty does not require customers to fill out warranty documents, there is no need to use documents to record information. Simply scan the QR Code to register yourself. It can also reduce the number of people who will be responsible for entering data into the computer. This is an innovation in the use of QR Code that can help to reduce the use of natural resources and human resources, as well as reduce the complexity of work.

With all of these advantages, our QR Code warranty system can make your business operations much easier. Simply adjust your mindset and make every day easier by leveraging technology to its fullest potential. With this, you can build customer confidence and trust for the future.

Aside from the QR Code warranty system, there are many other ways to take advantage of QR Codes. For example, you can use QR Codes to:

  • Register for lucky draw or earn points,
  • Verify authenticity,
  • Add marketing surveys,
  • Provide product information and educate customers,
  • Track customer purchases,
  • Send notifications and alerts.

If you are interest in our QR Code warranty system to significantly boost profits for your business, feel free to call for a discussion or inquire for additional information. The costs are not as high as you might think, and we guarantee that every penny of your investment is worthwhile. For more details, please contact us at 099-564-5947, 096-142-9547 or email [email protected] for us to get in touch with you.


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