A new era of point collection… Easy & convenient via LINE OA

Today, it is common to see point collection for rewards. However, point collection can sometimes be inconvenient. This is because many people may forget to bring their point cards, which may be multiple cards due to collecting from multiple brands. This makes point collection a tedious task for many people.

We saw this problem and developed a point collection system to make it easier and more convenient for customers. By scanning a QR code on their smartphone, customers can instantly earn points. The point collection system is integrated with Line OA (LINE Official Account) so that customers can add the brand as a friend and earn points through this channel. The advantage is that customers can earn points in this channel. Point collection data will not be lost when the phone is lost, the customer changes the device or changes the phone number. The brand can also store customer data in Line OA to broadcast advertising and public relations.

Customers can easily accumulate points 24 hours a day by scanning the QR code, which is printed on the product label, into the OA Line application. Subsequently, customers are required to enter the Serial Number located under the bottle cap (in the case of beverages) or the Serial Number inside the packaging. Only those who have purchased the product will be able to see the Serial Number and enter the number to accumulate points.

The Serial Number is generated by Birth Note’s system at random. Customers cannot enter random numbers or duplicate numbers. This ensures that brands can be confident that there will be no cheating of accumulated points. In addition, Birth Note’s system can also ask for basic customer information, such as the customer’s name, age, phone number, and email, when accumulating points for the first time. This gives the brand data to leverage for marketing. Brands can also store customer data in Line OA to broadcast advertising and public relations.

1. Increase sales

Incentivize customers to collect points to redeem various gifts, making customers loyal to the products, purchase continuously, and be impressed with participating in the activities. When more products are purchased, the brand will have more opportunities to sell and make a profit.

2. Maintain existing customers and expand new customers

With a system that requires collecting points to redeem gifts, existing customers will continue to use your products. For new customers, if they want some gifts, they will have to buy products and collect points to redeem the gifts they want.

3. Understand customer product usage behavior

If a brand has multiple products with different prices, the brand can analyze which product has the most QR code scans to develop and improve that product. It can also improve products that receive the least points.

How are you doing with the great features that can solve problems for your business to run smoothly? It can also collect marketing data and boost your business profits. Try Birth Note’s QR Code point collection system. We guarantee you’ll love it.

Birth Note, the leader in customer data management systems for marketing purposes, has developed a new point collection system that creates an exciting and memorable experience for your customers through your own Line OA, just like global brands!

If you are interested in Birth Note’s QR Code for point accumulation to boost profits for your business, feel free to give us a call for a discussion or inquire for more information. You can reach us at 099-564-5947096-142-9547, or email us at [email protected] for us to get in touch with you promptly.

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