How to get customers to scan QR codes?

Once the brand owner has attached the Birth Note QR code sticker to the product, how do we get customers to scan the QR code?

In general, the collection of customer data through the Birth Note system is conducted openly. Customers are informed of this so that they can decide whether or not to scan the QR code. The data obtained is therefore data that customers are willing to provide. Birth Note system does not secretly collect customer data, which makes both the data provider and the data recipient feel comfortable.

But brands may have a question: how to get customers to be willing to scan QR Codes and answer surveys, tell their information to the brand?

Birth Note recommends that brands offer rewards to customers to motivate them to answer surveys after completing them, such as:

  • Offer the right to win a prize
  • Offer accumulated points
  • Offer a discount coupon
  • Offer a trial product
  • Offer the right to be a member of the brand
Offering discount coupons, vouchers, or trial products is an incentive for customers to want to scan QR codes.

In addition to serving as motivation to participate in activities, it also fosters a stronger connection between customers and the brand through the special experiences that the brand provides to customers. This, in turn, leads to increased opportunities for future product sales.

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