Danone reveals strategy for using QR Codes with loyalty programs

Danone, a major dairy company in Spain, has launched a new packaging design for its yogurt products. Each product now features a QR code that customers can scan with their smartphones to earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

Each package of Danone yogurt comes with a unique code, and consumers can receive discounts of up to $50 per month. Additionally, Danone has launched its first mobile application, available for download on various platforms, allowing users to quickly and easily scan QR codes. The app has been downloaded more than 30,000 times within the first three weeks.

The use of QR codes has helped Danone in Spain to better understand customer consumption patterns, offer better promotions, and segment promotions based on customer segments.

Ander Lopez, Digital and CRM Manager at Danone Spain in Barcelona, said.

Using 60 million unique QR codes

The goal of this effort is to leverage mobile technology to make the customer data capture process more convenient and efficient. Mobile technology plays a significant role in Spain, which has the second-highest smartphone penetration rate in Europe.

Danone claims that this effort is one of the largest unique QR code projects in Europe, with 60 million unique codes generated each month. The company has been working on this project for over a year to develop and implement a new code generation system.

For yogurt products, the QR code is located on one of the labels. For yogurt drinks, the QR code is located on the inside of the cardboard packaging.

QR code on the yogurt packaging
Image source: http://blog.freeqrcodetracker.com/dairy-goodness

Strategies for Success

Many marketers are using QR codes as an integral part of their marketing strategies to engage with customers. For example, Burger King is using QR codes on its packaging to allow users in the Middle East to play a football-themed game on their mobile devices and enter to win tickets to a match in Barcelona.

Burger King’s QR code scanning campaign
Image source: https://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/burger-king-will-give-you-a-free-whopper-if-you-catch-its-moving-qr-code-on-tv/

In addition, JanSport, an outdoor equipment brand, is also leveraging QR codes and NFC by placing QR codes or NFC tags on bus stop benches, newsstands, and other advertising spaces in New York City to encourage access to the Paragon Sports website and access to exclusive content.

Watch the Jansport campaign video below.

When scanning the QR Code on the package with the new app, the purchase/product points will be instantly added to the customer’s account, accompanied by a notification. This app also allows consumers to access the Loyalty Program to manage their accounts and explore additional menus. Moreover, they can convert accumulated points into discounts for their next purchase.

Ander Lopez said.

Problems in implementing a loyalty program for brand

Due to the high cost of developing a loyalty program that works correctly, it may take years to develop, which can lead to a loss of opportunities to retain and acquire customers. This could lead customers to switch to other brands that have a loyalty program in place.

Birth Note’s solutions to stimulate repeat purchases

Birth Note has developed a loyalty points system for brand owners who seek to establish relationships with customers, retain existing customer bases, and attract new customers by offering them the opportunity to accumulate points for rewards or discounts at affordable prices to start. This system allows for a quick initiation of point accumulation activities, providing brand owners with the means to engage with customers effectively.


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