What is data-driven marketing? Why is everyone talking about it?

Many people may have heard the term “Data Driven Marketing” frequently. If we translate it literally, it means “marketing driven by data“. By analyzing data collected from customers, businesses can adjust their marketing strategies to be more in line with customer needs, reach more target audiences, and increase sales to achieve their goals.

Now that we know what Data Driven Marketing is, let’s look at the benefits of this type of marketing and why we should use it.

Data Driven Marketing helps us understand customer insights in each group better, and it helps us understand consumers more. We know who our customers are and what they are interested in, so we can sell products that meet their needs. For example, if we are opening an online clothing store and a customer likes casual clothes in bright colors, sending an email marketing with content about plain work shirts may not interest the customer and they may delete the email. So, if we understand the behavior of consumers or customers more, and present products that are right for each customer, it will increase the chance of selling products.

When we have data about customer interests, preferences, or purchase history, we can develop products and services that are more in line with customer needs. By being aware of the feedback we receive from customers who have used our products, we can learn what we need to improve and how to produce products that meet customer needs as much as possible.

In terms of content creators or advertisers, they will know what type of advertising content our target customers like. This helps us create content that is right for the customers and does not waste effort. It also helps to increase the conversion rate or engagement rate on social media for the brand itself.

Data-driven marketing helps us to develop business strategies more accurately. The customer data we have can tell us what we should do or what we shouldn’t do anymore.

It can be seen that Data-driven marketing is another marketing strategy that can help to advance your business by using the data you have in hand to analyze and further develop effectively.

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