Let’s get to know QR Codes to protect brands from counterfeiting

In today’s world, many brands are competing with each other in terms of product quality and marketing strategies, both online and offline, in order to win over customers. However, on the other hand, there are some unscrupulous people who take advantage of the fame of these brands to make a living. The technology we use today is becoming more advanced, making it easier to produce counterfeit products that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. It is undeniable that the problem of intellectual property infringement of counterfeit goods is harmful and causes damage to businesses, brand owners, and even the overall economy of the country.

Common solutions for counterfeiting prevention include hologram stickers. These stickers are printed with multiple images in layers using a special technique, giving them a three-dimensional appearance, luster, and different perspectives at different angles of view. They can be attached to products or packaging to let consumers know that they are genuine. However, due to the advancement of technology, counterfeiters can now produce their own hologram stickers. This means that using hologram stickers for counterfeiting prevention may not be as effective as before.

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  • Automotive parts
  • Soap, shampoo, and dishwashing liquid
  • Dietary supplements
  • Herbal medicine
  • Agricultural products
  • Mobile devices
  • Rubber pillows
  • Car films

Protect your brand with anti-counterfeiting QR Code from Birth Note. This allows customers to verify the authenticity of your products themselves. It is done by attaching a QR Code sticker or printing a QR Code directly on the product label. Our anti-counterfeiting QR Code is a unique QR Code that is not repeated. Each QR Code is digitally encrypted. This means that when it is scanned for the first time, it is recorded in the system that it has been scanned. When it is scanned for the second time, it will be notified that this QR Code has been scanned before.

1. There are many counterfeit products.

Since your product is very popular and is starting to be in short supply, counterfeit products are being produced to sell at a lower price. The most common products that are counterfeited and infringed upon are clothing, cosmetics, or even everyday products like instant coffee, shampoo, and ink.

2. There is overproduction of goods in the market.

Outsourcing production by over-estimating waste causes defective products to be smuggled out to sell together with good products, resulting in more goods than demand.

3. The methods for checking genuine products are too difficult.

Some products have methods for checking and observing the genuine product, but they are too difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products. For example, shampoo, where counterfeiters go around buying genuine bottles to refill with fake shampoo.

4. Representatives or retailers who sell products may counterfeit the products themselves or sell counterfeit products.

Representatives or retailers who sell products may counterfeit the products or sell counterfeit products in order to expect a higher margin than the genuine product and to earn profits from the production of counterfeit products for sale instead of genuine products.

5. Standard anti-counterfeiting stickers can be counterfeited.

The difficulty of customers checking counterfeit products is because you do not have anti-counterfeiting QR Code system and genuine product verification system. This allows customers to check if the product is genuine or counterfeit.

Birth Note’s anti-counterfeiting QR code and genuine product verification system is very easy to use. We can create unique QR code anti-counterfeiting stickers for you to put on your products. Customers can check by scanning the QR code to see if the product is genuine.

Customers can be confident that the products they buy are genuine products from the brand owner directly by simply using a smartphone and opening an application that can scan QR codes, such as Line, Wechat, or the Camera app.

1. Customers can easily use it, just with a smartphone

Just with a smartphone that has a QR code scanning function, such as Line, Wechat, or the Camera app, you can scan and wait for processing to see the results of the genuine product verification immediately.

2. Prevents duplication

If a QR code has been scanned and then scanned again, the anti-counterfeiting QR code and genuine product verification system will collect the data and notify the brand immediately. The system can also tell you where each scan took place. You can be sure that your product will not be duplicated, or if it is duplicated, you can track the source of the duplication.

3. Promote sales along with the verification of genuine products

You can also organize promotions for customers, such as collecting points to redeem prizes or coupons. If the fake QR Code is used, customers will not be able to collect points. This is another way to attract sales from buyers and make them pay attention to choosing genuine products to use. For example, a leading ink brand organized a point collection campaign for users who purchase genuine products from authorized dealers. The campaign also comes with a product warranty if it is registered and accumulated points to redeem prizes. If you were in that situation, you would probably choose to use genuine products because you have already spent money on them, so you might as well redeem some prizes. It is better than buying counterfeit products and getting nothing in return. In addition, counterfeit products may even damage your printer. As a result, counterfeit products will sell less.

4. A back-end system to collect customer data and an intelligent reporting system to analyze data

We have a back-end system to collect customer data and an intelligent system to analyze target customers who have scanned QR code stickers. This system is very useful because brand owners can use the data from the system to analyze, plan to find new target groups, and maintain old customer bases. Or use different data for marketing planning to reduce advertising costs and increase sales as well.

No matter what, it is always good to choose genuine products. When people spend money to buy good products, they want products that are good, of high quality, and have a warranty. They do not want counterfeit products that are of poor quality and cannot be returned or repaired when problems occur. With our anti-counterfeiting QR code and genuine product verification system, which can help make your products more reliable and difficult to counterfeit, customers who purchase your products will be more confident as well.

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