What is SCV? Why do marketers care?

Many of you already know what SCV is. This time, we would like to provide information for beginner marketers.

SCV stands for “Single Customer View.” It is a summary of all data about a customer, combined into a single record. Some people might also call it Customer 360 View (C360) or Unified Customer View (UCV), which all mean the same thing.

SCV, C360, or UCV can include personally identifiable information (PII) such as name, phone number, address, age, purchase history, loyalty program participation, and previous communications with the company.

Typically, if a company has a CDP (Customer Data Platform), the system will create an SCV for them. We can then drill down into the Big Data that we have in a one-to-one way.

Why do marketers care about SCV?

SCV is very useful for marketing campaigns. When we want to get to know the real decision-makers in each purchase, this insight helps with customer segmentation, evaluating who our true customers are, targeting campaigns to the right customer segments, personalizing marketing campaigns, and adjusting customer experiences to suit the buyer’s needs.

Reference: blog.treasuredata

Birth Note provides customer data storage services under the Privacy Policy by scanning QR codes. In addition to having data for overall analysis and planning your business direction, you can also analyze each customer’s income from SCV.


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