Why is Big Data from customer data is “important”?

Understanding Big Data and knowing your customers is one of the secrets to increasing sales for any business. Nowadays, we can see that everyone is talking about Big Data. It is said that this is the secret weapon that will take every business to the success.

Big Data is a massive amount of diverse data that is constantly growing. It can come from a variety of sources, such as website traffic statistics, search engine usage data, or social media data.

If we process these data systematically, what we will get is the patterns, trends, or behaviors of users. Isn’t that interesting?

Big Data can help businesses in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Reducing costs: Big Data can be used to identify unnecessary costs or expenses that can be eliminated. For example, a cosmetics store had three sales channels: in-store, live streaming, and social media. The store owner collected data and found that in-store sales accounted for only 10% of total sales, while live streaming accounted for 85% and social media accounted for 5%. The owner decided to close the in-store location and focus on live streaming sales.
  2. Increasing sales and revenue: Big Data can help businesses understand customer needs and preferences, which can lead to improved products and services and increased sales.
  3. Improving pricing decisions: Big Data can be used to compare prices with competitors and make informed decisions about whether to increase, decrease, or maintain prices.
  4. Gaining a competitive advantage: By understanding customer behavior, businesses can develop products and services that meet customer needs and preferences, giving them a competitive edge.
  5. Improving decision-making: Big Data can help businesses make better decisions about marketing campaigns and other strategic initiatives.

Big Data can help businesses predict and analyze complex situations. It can also help businesses plan their work and marketing campaigns more effectively. Birth Note is happy to be a part of helping you market your business more effectively.

How can data help your business grow? Data can help you understand your customers. For example, you may have developed a new facial cream that uses high-quality ingredients and is manufactured to world-class standards. You may have spent a lot of money on advertising, but your sales are still low. What you need to do is to “know what your customers want.”

Once the data is processed, it will be clear where the problem is. For example, the product is too expensive, the packaging is not appealing to the target audience, or the product’s scent is not to the customer’s liking. Then, just solve the problem and get ready for a surge in sales.

Building a loyal customer base is no longer difficult if you use technology. With Birth Note technology, any business can succeed. Birth Note combines a QR Code authentication system, a customer relationship management system, a survey system, and a detailed QR Code scanning reporting function. It can help you reach your target audience. Just by scanning, you can know who the customer is, their position, gender, and age. It can be used as a real marketing tool to reduce advertising costs, promote to the right target audience, and increase sales opportunities. You can check the results in real time every time a scan occurs through your mobile phone, iPad, or computer, anytime, anywhere.

Birth Note is not just about creating QR Codes. We also provide recommendations and strategies on how to use data for marketing along with other channels to maximize sales.

If you’re interested in Birth Note’s QR Code to significantly boost profits for your business, feel free to call for a discussion or inquire for more information. The cost is not as high as you might think, and we guarantee that every penny invested is worthwhile. For additional information, please call 099-564-5947, 096-142-9547 or email us at [email protected].

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